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Your Regenerative Orthopedic treatment will be individualized with our Orthopedic Surgeons based on a review of your medical conditions and a discussion of your treatment goals during your initial consult. A Platelet-Rich-Plasma procedure, or an adipose Stem Cell procedure,  can  be used to relieve joint pain,  lumbar-spine pain, as well as regenerate healing in tendons and in muscles.

Yes, we will tailor your treatment based on your needs and goals.

Your treatment plan and recovery will vary depending on your goals and needs. In general, regular activity can resume within 2-3 days after your regenerative orthopedics treatment. Your specific recovery will be discussed during your pre-procedure consultation.

Regenerative Orthopedics treatments start at $1000. Prices vary depending on the type of injection chosen and the number of treatments provided during each appointment. After a medical consultation and a complete discussion of your options with one of our Orthopedic surgeons, we will work with you to design a treatment plan that is optimized for your needs

Regenerative Aesthetics procedures can be scheduled directly over the phone by calling our office. Or, you can send us an email and we’ll call you back to schedule your appointment.

Regenerative Orthopedics appointments begin with  a face-to-face consultation to evaluate your overall medical condition, discuss your goals, and tailor a treatment to your individual needs. Please call or email to schedule your initial consultation. If you proceed with a procedure, the consultation  fee will be rolled into the cost of your first procedure.

Regenerative Aesthetics treatments do not require a pre-procedure consultation. We will ask you a few pertinent medical history questions over the phone prior to your appointment. Treatment costs vary on the number of units used during your appointment, and which treatments best fit your needs.

Due to the detailed nature of Regenerative Orthopedics treatments, we require a pre-procedure consultation for which you will be charged $300. Your specific condition, goals, and variety of treatment options will be discussed and all procedural questions answered during your consultation.  This initial consultation fee can be rolled into your first procedure cost.

Regenerative medicine includes cutting edge therapies that are not covered by insurance. Although several studies demonstrate positive results, these new therapies are still considered experimental.

Upon request, we will provide you with treatment documentation including diagnosis and treatment codes that you may be able to submit to your health insurance plan, HSA or FSA for reimbursement.

Future Medical Group does not contract with any insurers nor do we submit documentation to your carrier on your behalf.

Payment for your procedure is due at the time of service.

Financing options are provided through United medical Credit.

To ensure the most complete evaluation please wear comfortable clothing and bring the following records:

  • Prior X-rays/MRIs/CT scans of the area(s) you would like evaluated. We prefer the actual images, not just the reports. Gathering these ahead of time and bringing them to your consultation is extremely important.
  • A list of your current medical conditions, prior surgeries and medications.
  • Any clinical notes or operative reports regarding the area(s) you would like treated.
  • A friend or family member to take notes, to help you remember the visit and topics discussed.